Posted: Nov 07 2013
by: Josh Johnson

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Leather Jackets - A Fall Must Have

The Leather Jacket.. something that has been around for decades, but something that I'm sure brings one particular image to mind, James Dean. The iconic style made famous by this legendary man is popping back up all over the map this time of year. It's a great way to add a nice level of "badassness"  to any outfit. 

Lucky for the Street Moda team, and more importantly YOU our customer,
we've got one of the best brands around for leather goods, Andrew Marc. If you haven't heard of them, where have you been hiding?! They've got an incredible selection for both the guys and the gals, and guys we've got you covered, right over here. I wasn't a believer in Andrew Marc until I tried one on the other day before I wrote this article! They fit like a glove, the leather is impeccable, and the detail work is incredible. I didn't want to take it off once I had it on. So if you're indecisive about it.. go find one in your local store try it on, then come back to because we've got the lowest prices on these bad boys below. 

Andrew Marc serves up classic biker realness with this two racer jackets. They are slim fitting, full zip leather jackets. My favorite is the guy on the right, the quilted detail on the shoulders is incredible and sets it apart as a unique look. His counterpart on the left is great for the simple jeans a t-shirt kind of guy.

Now we have the biker jackets more contemporary cousin. Both below styles are great for replacing a blazer on a casual Friday in the office, or if you're headed out to a swanky dinner. Leather jackets are a great way to jazz up any look, and draw some attention to yourself without having to do too much.

Andrew Marc has been creating luxury outerwear for both men and women for over the past 25 years and has quickly become an iconic American brand. Known for streamlined leather jackets, classic trenches, and contemporary down coats Marc NY will bring out the rebel in anyone. Whether you're headed to the office on a casual Friday, or you're taking your lady out for a night on the town. Street Moda has an Andrew Marc leather jacket to keep you looking your best. 


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