Posted: Nov 12 2013
by: Josh Johnson

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A Beginner's Guide To The Peacoat

The Peacoat is one piece of outerwear that I think I can say everyone reading this owns or has owned at one point in time, right? The classic style has been keeping us warm for years. BUT how many of you know where the peacoat first reared it's head? I'll admit, I didn't know, so I won't hold it against you. 
They were originally designed to keep Navy sailors dry and warm when on the deck of the boats. The broad lapels, the thick texture, a double-breast, and big buttons helped protect the sailors from the elements when working on the deck of the ships. Who would have thought it?! I guess you can teach and old new tricks. 
Now I'm sure that none of our readers are going to be hopping on board any Navy ships in the next week or months as we brace for the impact of the colder weather, but Street Moda is ready to deck you out in our best Peacoats all the same. Andrew Marc, like I talked about last post is quickly becoming a leader in the outerwear field, and I've got some of their best coats! Street Moda has great selection for the guys and gals out there from Kenneth Cole, the heavy hitter in the shoe industry that is now as well known for their outerwear pieces as they are for their on point footwear, and specially for the ladies, Jessica Simpson joins the line up to have you looking your best this Holiday season. 
Kenneth Cole and Andrew Marc have put their very best put foot forward in this years outerwear. Whether you're looking for a full button peacoat, or a updated take on it like the zip front option from Andrew Marc. Street Moda has a huge selection to cover whatever you're looking for.
My favorite pick for outerwear would have to be Jessica Simpson. I was lucky enough to get to visit the showroom on our last trip to New York, which is beyond gorgeous, and the quality and selection of the goods is incredible. If you're looking for a bright, updated take on a classic styles Jessica has you covered. If you're of the more conservative ilk Kenneth Cole still will keep you under wraps as well. 
What are your favorites for the Fall/Winter season? Tell us why!


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