Posted: Nov 19 2013
by: Josh Johnson

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Men's Gift Giving Guide - Under $50

Well.. it's here! Everyone's favorite time of year to wait until the last minute, and run around like a madman on Black Friday scooping up those last minute gifts for your boyfriend, dad, or brother. Or if you're a guy reading this, you're probably going to way until Christmas eve to shop, so your post for this will come a little later.


Some people may think that guys are incredibly easy to shop for, but I'm sure you're thinking exactly the same as me.. they're not. Guys can certainly be just as picky as women, if not more. For what reason? I'm not sure, maybe it's just an ego thing, or maybe they're more inclined to fashion than they want to let on. I'll leave that judgement call up to you, but with my sure fire tips shopping for the men in your life should be a lot easier.


Shoes: As most of you know, this is one area a guy will splurge on. So when gift giving opt for lower end items, they're going to want to pick out the pricy ones themselves. Extravagant color ways, patterns, and limited edition pieces are best left for them to wait in line and fight over. If you get the wrong one, you'll never hear the end of it. Keep it casual here like The Winston from Iron Fist, or the Sly from Bed:Stu.


Jeans: If you know the size and inseam of your fella and what fit he likes. You should be safe here. Just make sure you get the fit right, otherwise he's gonna be trying to squeeze into some super skinnies when he's used to a loose fit. WeSC has a great slim cut option in the Eddy, while KR3W keeps things a little more roomy in their Klassic, and Company 81 hits the right price point with an every man fit. 


Shirts: Basic long sleeve shirts or plaid/flannel button ups should be staple in your guys closet. So if they aren't there, now is the perfect time to pick them up. Keep the colors and patterns simple, or they're never going to see the light of day. Ecko has some great options like Check-Her'd, and KR3W has Dreamer in Terracotta which is perfect for all the Holiday parties you'll be dragging him too. 


Just remember this few tips when shopping for the men in your life this Holiday season, and we're sure it will go off without a hitch! We've even linked the images to the shopping pages for these items, since Street Moda is your one stop Holiday Shopping destination!



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