Posted: Sep 26 2013
by: Asha Nagaiya

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Behind the Scenes: All About Street Moda

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Street Moda, and who helps fulfill your orders? Read on to learn more about some of our staff!

Sarah and Sonni working on various projects for the website



Dakota [and Parker!] working in the listing department to get our products online



Leanne in the listing department getting our products online



Asha, the graphic designer, in her natural habitat



Josh, our men's buyer, looking at some of our new merchandise



Jessica, our women's buyer, looking at our next big deals



Sara, keeping the company running smoothly



Donica, keeping customer service running smoothly



Emily answering our customers' questions



Carla, the warehouse manager, helping orders to go out quickly



Meghan helping to keep our warehouse tidy



Curtis receiving our orders



Jonathan shipping orders out



Mark picking orders to get them shipped out


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